40x75 prefab recreational buildings used for batting cages in Texas

40x75x14 Prefab Recreational Buildings | Batting Cages

Our prefab recreational buildings kit, because of their versatility, are now being utilized for extra-curricular and after school activities. In this case the customer has built and designed a batting cage for the school’s baseball team. With the freedom of design and our buildings being more cost effective than regular construction they were able to start the season off with a home run.

The optimal length of an indoor batting cage is 70’, it allows room on the pitchers end for storage of equipment, such as machines, ball carts, etc. It also allows for regulation distance between the pitcher and batter.

40×75 Prefab Recreational Buildings – Batting Cages in Texas

This customer chose a 75’ length on this recreational steel building to have ample room for hitting and pitching along with a 40’ width to ensure multiple players could practice at once. Also, by adding the additional 6” insulation throughout the entirety of the building the coaches and players can comfortably practice all year round. For easy access and the ability to move larger equipment, including nets, ball machines, etc. there is a 10’X10’ framed opening on the gable along with (3) 3’X7’ walk doors on the sidewalls so each individual practice is allotted their own entrance. They also opted for Fern Green paneling and Charcoal Gray trim to stay in line with their school spirit and colors.

Recreational Prefab Buildings Suited for Codes and Loads

Our prefab recreational buildings are engineered to meet the codes and loads that are required by our customers city or county. This building was engineered for 115 mph wind and a 5 psf snow load according to the IBC 2015 guidelines. There is also an insulation package inside the building to keep it temperature controlled in the hot Texas summers.