Pre-Engineered 30 x 50 Metal Building Prices Vary

Many prospective metal building buyers request quotes on 30×50 steel building prices. However, what many who’re interested in 30×50 steel buildings don’t understand is that prices vary on things like eve height and internal/external customizations. The good news is that Titan Steel Structures always has these buildings in stock and being made at the manufacturing facility. Titan Steel Structures offers the opportunity to make your dream prefabricated building to any specification you’d like. The most popular reasons for a 30×50 metal buildings are car storage, general storage, small automotive shop needs and several others just to name a few.

Mixed-Use 30 ft. x 50 ft. Automotive Garage Buildings

One of the immensely popular uses for 30’x50’ steel buildings is home or farm based automotive repair garages. 30×50 metal buildings have more than enough room to fit 2-3 cars and a mechanics area to work on your investment car or for-profit based repairs. Believe us or not, a 1500 sq. ft. steel building is more than accommodating for anyone needing storage whether it be for farm equipment or the everyday motor vehicle.

prefabricated 30x50 metal buildings kits

Titan Steel Structures can provide custom built floor plans for your specific needs. Our 30’x50’ steel buildings can store cars, tractors, lawn maintenance equipment, tree service equipment and much more. Our metal building kits can also be designed to give you extra space for additional uses. We’ve had several car collectors’ request man cave space and other small additions to make their buildings more convenient for them.

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Several Retail Businesses Request 30’x50’ Metal Buildings

Many who’re looking for affordable building options within the retail space can’t believe that a 1500 square foot metal building is enough for their retail operation. Believe us when we tell you in many cases they’re pleasantly surprised. Many retail establishments are of similar square footage, they paid more for brick and mortar style buildings instead of prefab metal building kits. A retail establishment has more than enough space with a 30×50 steel building design. Especially restaurants, chain stores, bakeries and other retail businesses are able to fit employees and customers comfortable with this dimensioned building.

Several commercial companies seeking prefab commercial style buildings prefer steel buildings because they’re non-combustible because they’re made of steel and fires are harder to catch. Sometimes insurance companies offer breaks for those who use prefabricated steel buildings due to a lower fire potential rating. However, don’t quote us on this ask your insurance company first, as many other facets come into play with their consideration including interior and exterior wall siding choices and other elements for design purposes.

30x50 metal building plans

30×50 Metal Buildings for Agricultural Purposes

Many hay storage and general-purpose barns are 30’x50’ ft. steel buildings. Many agricultural property owners use these steel buildings for machinery and tool storage, which guarantees their long-term safety from the elements. Titan steel offers several different eve-height options for the 30 x 50 metal buildings.

Our American made steel framed and designed buildings offer safer conditions than the tradition wooden barns very popular many years ago. The great fact is that metal building kits last longer than the traditional wood framed barn buildings. They’re safer for livestock, hay storage, crop storage and many agricultural coops use prefabricated steel buildings too!

Popular 30×50 Metal Building Types

metal building dimensions
Agricultural Buildings

It is no secret that farming equipment can be astronomically expensive. For instance, a brand new John Deere Combine can cost anywhere from $400,000 to $500,000, depending on the features.

30x50 Agricultural Builds

In the past the agricultural building that held these machines was not a steel building or a metal buildings but rather they were built out of wood.

metal building dimensions
Hay Storage

Hay storage buildings, much like many other farm structures, need to accomplish much more than meets the eye. They are not simply places to let your hay sit around until you need it.

30x50 Hay Storage Buildings

They need to provide safety from outside elements, allowing you to keep your commodities safe for long durations at a time.

metal building dimensions
Vehicle Storage

Classic cars are not a necessary investment – they are a work of art for auto enthusiasts who are passionate about maintaining an award winning automotive collection.

30x50 Vehicle Storage

At Titan Steel, we bring you the highest quality pre-engineered mini storage building kits for classic cars. Our buildings are available at competitive rates and can be customized per preference.

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