Prefabricated Steel Retail Building Kits

At Titan Steel we provide prefabricated steel retail building systems that will not only help integrate all your retail needs we help you design the perfect layout for the store of your dreams. Pre-engineered steel retail buildings have become the more preferred method of building when it comes to retail stores due to their cost efficiency and speed of construction.

In fact, department stores and discount stores use more prefab metal buildings than any other retailer in the country. Choosing to utilize our pre-engineered steel structures is the best decision due to its flexible design, durability and resistance to harsh weather, water, mold and termites. Our structures are more durable and secure that it will support a refrigeration and or air conditioning system from either the ceiling or roof.

Titan Steel is all too familiar with the opening and budgeting of a new business, that is why our Pre-Engineered steel retail building kits are the more cost effective and economical solution to your future business needs. With our steel retail buildings not only will the erection be completed in an accelerated amount of time in comparison to your conventional construction methods but financially you will be saving money of labor and material costs they could potentially cut into your own new business demands.

prefabricated steel retail building kits and car dealerships

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Titan Steel uses the highest quality metal and components to create recreational structures. We understand that the community needs a flexible area that they can use for numerous events. This is why our structures are made fully scalable—you can add to it if you need to expand, without having to demolish the existing structure.

Why Choose Titan Steel For Your Retail Building..

Titan Steel is an industry leader in prefab steel retail buildings. Our building systems are easy to erect and will allow you to get your business up and making money in a short amount of time. Whether your starting a new business or expanding on your current one, Titan Steel’s pre-engineered buildings are a perfect fit for any design criteria your trying to accomplish. Our prefab building systems will also provide protection from the elements and can be easily fitted with any insulation package to control the climate of your steel building.


Standard Retail Stores Titan Provides..

  • Retail Stores
  • Auto Parts Stores
  • Departments Stores
  • Discount Stores
  • Gas stations
  • Also, any professional store you plan to open