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A 40×60 steel building is a very popular size. It’s a perfect size for auto shops, farms, equestrian needs and much more. This size will allow you to have several bays to work on cars in and even room for an office. If you need to put in a lift it can easily be done with a 14ft eave height. Many come to Titan Steel Structures for a 40×60 metal buildings with living quarters, which can be easily manufactured after we guide you through a custom design. Titan Steel Structures offers several different popular building sizes and some we have in stock already built and ready to be shipped from the factory. If you’re needing something post haste, please give us a call or submit your information on one of our forms to get an instant quote on metal buildings.

40×60 Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Are Popular for Several Reasons…

40×60 prefab metal buildings are also great for a variety of uses for both personal and business. Adding a 16ft eave height will accommodate almost any camper or RV to have a safe and secure place for your vehicle. Our clear span design allows our buildings to have a functional and flexible workspace and can fit any of your design needs. We also offer a variety of components such as doors and windows to help customize your needs. 

Prefabricated structures come in all shapes and sizes, but some of the most popular sizes are 40x60 metal buildings and there are several others. Check them all out on the bottom of this page.

Prefabricated structures come in all shapes and sizes, but some of the most popular sizes are 40×60 metal buildings and there are several others. Check them all out on the bottom of this page.

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40×60 Steel Building with Living Quarters

40×60 metal buildings are very popular for equestrian barns and other farm needs. However, some properties span several acre’s and you’ll need a farm hand to be onsite to maintain the cattle and horses. This is where a 40×60 metal building with living quarters comes in. A 40×60 steel structure can be specially customized to add a section for living quarters inside of the 40′ x 60′ metal buildings. This keeps ranchers livestock concerns at bay when they’re needing to focus on more important things like going to the auctions or grazing cattle.

For Most Businesses and people 40 x 60 Metal Buildings are Very Adaptable

A 40×60 metal building is by far the most popular when you’re looking for extra storage for your home or business. However, that is not all of the uses a 40×60 prefab metal structure is good for. Our 40×60 steel buildings have been used for RV storage, small retail outlets, auto shop garages and much more.

40×60 Metal Buildings for Residential Use

Even though some residential communities within local municipalities can’t hold a 40 ft. x 60 ft. steel structure. Some farms and ranch’s or people with larger lots can easily fit a 40′ x 60′ metal building on their property for several reasons. There’s very little argument for us to say that a 40×60 is our most versatile size for single and multi-use purposes

Many use this dimension of building for livestock, equipment storage and car storage. Any of our prefab metal buildings can be insulated and have air conditioning put in as well.

40x60 metal building plans

metal building dimensions

Steel Riding Arenas

Without a doubt the main attraction when you go to a riding arena should generally be the horses that are performing.

40x60 Prefab Riding Arenas

At Titan Steel we understand this and that is why we offer indoor riding arena kits that are aesthetically satisfying as well as sturdy and resilient against the elements.

metal building dimensions

Metal Horse Barns

We understand the importance of finding a safe and secure place to keep your horses as well as other animals and livestock.

40x60 Horse Barns

For this reason our customers want to know that their horse is well cared for.

metal building dimensions

Metal Church Buildings

One of the main difficulties that many church congregations throughout the country face is budgetary constraints.

40x60 Church Buildings

This means that leaders of the church have to juggle guiding their congregation spiritually, while also ensuring that the monetary needs of the church are met.

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