Popular Sizes & Dimensions – 80×200 Steel Outdoor and Indoor Riding Arenas

An 80 X 200 steel building is a very popular size for riding arenas. Specifically, this size indoor riding arena kit is often used for Dressage. This size will allow for a surplus of space to accommodate all your riding needs and more. Titan Steel’s riding arena kits are also completely customizable which gives you full ability to design your outdoor or covered riding arena to your exact specifications. We can offer our customers both the option of having an indoor “covered” riding arena or a “roof only” or outdoor riding arena.

80×200 Indoor Riding Arena Kits Are Popular for Several Reasons…

Titan Steel’s prefabricated steel structures provide a clear span floor plan with no columns or beams which can accommodate all of your outdoor/indoor riding arena designs . This open floor plan allows for plenty of open riding and training space. An 80 x 200 indoor riding arena kit is completely customizable, allowing you to easily increase your eave height if additional height is needed for jumping.  An 80 by 200 indoor arena provides enough space for a round pen to work horses, while maintaining plenty of open space for training and riding.

indoor riding arena

80×200 indoor riding arena

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Most Equestrian Facilities prefer our Very Adaptable 80 x 200 Riding Arena Kits

Several options are available to customize an 80’x 200′ metal riding arena. Fully enclosed indoor riding arenas kits are available, as well as roof only arenas. The fully enclosed indoor riding arena size allows for riding and training all throughout the year. Additionally, an enclosed 80 X 200 arena allows for the option of including your indoor riding arena kit with stalls. We find many businesses and farm owners lean toward the 80′ x 200′ indoor riding arena prices because they’re by far less expensive than the traditional wood or brick and mortar. Titan roof only arenas come with our “Equestrian Package” which includes non-expandable end-walls and portal frames in the side-walls to have a complete open structure. We recommend gutters and downs for both our outdoor and covered riding arena kits.

  • A 16,000 square foot pre-engineered steel building has become a popular size building for  equestrian facilities because of their versatility and ease of construction.
  • Most of the many disciplines for riding find our 80×200 outdoor riding arenas to be accommodating to their needs.
  • Many commercial property owners purchase a 80×200 indoor or outdoor arena kits to rent to growing business that seek the space.
riding arena kits

80 x 200 Outdoor Riding Arena

  • Dressage riders need our 16,000 square foot steel buildings to provide them with the clear span space needed to train and perform as seen in this dressage riding video.
  • Large farms need 80×200 steel buildings for combine storage as well as equestrian buildings and feed storage.
  • There are several reasons for a 80 by 200 square foot building, it doesn’t stop at the above-mentioned reasons. If you’re looking to better understand what size, you need give us a call.

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