150x250x24 Aircraft Hangar Building

Airplanes today come in all types, sizes and each one has its own unique wingspan, size of auxiliary propellers and various other parts that take up a lot of space. Plus, you need to consider that guiding an aircraft into a hanger will require that there is plenty of clearance space from all sides. While some people may opt for a customized hanger size which is designed to accommodate their particular aircraft, for others the large 150x250x24 serves up more than enough space for most large and commercial aircraft.

The 150x250x24 is huge, making it possible to house an aircraft of any size regardless of specifications. The beauty of Titan Steel Structure’s design of this size steel aircraft hanger is that there is more than enough clearance space. Plus, the hanger is designed with durability in mind making it a worthy consideration for anyone owning a large aircraft looking for a large hanger.

150x250x24 Airplane Hangar For Sale

Commercial aircraft hangers can be expensive. However, Titan’s steel building kits are comparatively, uncompromisingly competitively priced. The 150x250x24 is a commercial size aircraft hanger kit with a 120×20 hanger door capability which can be adjusted for height for taller aircraft. The large size makes it possible to fit everything from a Boeing to large Gulf Stream Jets. This airplane hangar size can easily be sectioned off to fit several smaller hangar doors for multiple aircraft.

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150x250x24 Airplane Hangar Plans

One of the reasons why the 150x250x24 aircraft hanger size is so popular in general is because you can never have enough space. Titan Steel Structures has designed the hanger with durability and maintenance free ownership in mind. Prefabricated and using 26-gauge steel panels for the walls and roof, the hanger can last for decades. It can withstand all types of weather conditions while protecting not just the aircraft but the various other support equipment housed within the hanger.

Titan Steel Structures has worked hard to ensure that the plans are also relatively easy to understand ensuring trouble-free installation. That said, those buying the commercially sized 150x250x24 airplane hanger don’t have to worry about the design and delivery of their plans as that’s handled by a team of experts. So, you can sit back and relax as the hanger is delivered and ready to accommodate your aircraft in no time.

150x250x24 Aircraft Hangar Prices

Generally, a 150x250x24 aircraft hangar is priced as one of the highest in the industry. The reason for their high prices is the fact that these are manufactured for commercial grade aircraft with which there is no room for error. Plus there is a lot more high-grade material used to build it. However, Titan Steel Structures has priced the 150x250x24 aircraft hanger competitively, ensuring that almost any company or individual with the need can buy one of our prefabricated steel aircraft hangars while still staying within a realistically set budget. This size aircraft hangar is also a very popular size for airports that will put up the building and rent out individual hangar bays to their customers.

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Steel Aircraft Hangar

Should You Buy a Commercial Airplane Hangar?

Most people who buy the 150x250x24 aircraft hanger will not be individuals but those who own many aircraft. Airliners and other businesses are our biggest clients with this aircraft hangar size. That said anyone who is looking for a very durable, maintenance free large aircraft hanger can’t go wrong with the 150x250x24 steel building. It is also a perfect choice for those who want the biggest hanger just so that they can accommodate a large aircraft later on when they upgrade.

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