120x100x24 Prefabricated Aircraft Hangar

An aircraft hanger is more than just a huge storage space or even warehouse. The goal of any aircraft hanger is to protect the asset inside. So, in a way, it is a specialized storage space meant to keep the item, i.e., airplane it is housing in top shape. As it turns out the 120x100x24 steel aircraft hanger is perfect for most medium-sized planes. However, Titan Steel Structures have designed these hangers so that they can withstand the elements like dust storms, hail, rain and various other weather conditions which can damage the aircraft.

The hangers are designed so that they require little to no maintenance. Plus, these prefabricated aircraft hanger will ensure that your airplane isn’t just protected from the elements but also unauthorized access. So, you can be assured that nobody is tampering with your plane.

120x100x24 Airplane Hangar For Sale

The 120x100x24 prefabricated aircraft hanger for sale by Titan Steel Structures can accommodate a large 100×20 hanger door. It is capable of accommodating large planes like the Embracer legacy 650, the Challenger 601 to 605 and the Dassault Falcon 7x, EX, LX and 2000. So, if your aircraft is of similar size, this is the hanger to get. Many of our customers will also use a prefabricated airplane hangar of this size to use for multiple planes as one large door or separate it for as many as three hangar doors

large steel aircraft hangar

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120x200x24 Airplane Hangar Plans

Titan Steel Structures has been fabricating steel aircraft hangers for a very long time. The goal of our designs is to maximize safety for the plane while making the hangers themselves as maintenance free as possible. The use of 26-gauge steel walls and a durable roof sheeting ensures years if not decades of service life even if installed in the harshest conditions.

The plans for these hangers are easy to understand and customizable to each individual aircraft’s design. A team of experts coordinates all aspects of the design process ensuring that the 120x100x24 prefabricated aircraft hanger is delivered to just about any location designed the way the customer wants and engineered properly to meet all local codes and loads. That means as a buyer you don’t need to worry about if the hanger is being built correctly or if there are post-installation issues you need to deal with later on. It is arguably this level of service which has earned us a very favorable reputation over the years.

120x100x24 Aircraft Hangar Prices

Generally, when you’re in the market for a 120x100x24 aircraft hanger, it is possible to find several different types of structures and manufacturers. What you end up buying all boils down to the quality of the aircraft hanger as well as its size. The 120x100x24 pre-engineered aircraft hanger is one of the most versatile aircraft hanger sizes intended for large aircraft’s, which is why Titan Steel Structures build these with extra durability. Our buildings are high quality American made steel buildings that can be engineered for the harshest conditions and climates. But even then, they are priced competitively even though they help owners save money in the long term with little to no maintenance required.

commercial aircraft hangar

Steel Aircraft Hangar

Should You Buy a Large Airplane Hangar?

If you own a large airplane, then the 120x100x24 prefabricated aircraft hanger is worth considering. It is very durable, can be installed quickly and lasts a very long time. Not to mention protect any large aircraft or several smaller aircraft from the elements thanks to its durable steel structure and a design that’s meant to maximize protection in all types of environments.

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